DPL 9.03.00 update is available

The DPL update 9.03.00 is now available for download.

This update includes the following fixes/changes/enhancements:

CHG: Updated links for new website
CHG: New infrastructure for checking for updates (yes, this update updates the updater)
BUG: DPL 9 may crash saving certain DPL 8 files with saved risk profile chart windows
BUG: Error defining subtree attributes
BUG: Prevent select spreadsheet to compile dialog from appearing when running single Excel link portfolios
BUG: Prevent “floating point math: invalid” error with status display running certain large discrete tree simulations
CHG: Library updates for improved stability and performance

Most of you will be able to update automatically by answering yes to the prompt when you start DPL. Users in certain managed corporate environments will need to download the update explicitly. Downloading and installing the update should only take a few minutes. Contact support if you have any questions. Please keep your DPL installation current for best performance.

You can explicitly download the DPL update from our Product Updates page.