DPL 9.00.02 update is available

The DPL maintenance update 9.00.02 is now available for download. It includes the following fixes/changes/enhancements:

BUG: Tooltips for VOIC charts incorrect when base delta checked (#2372)
BUG: Internal error 141 loading previous version workspace containing a Policy Tree with a risk tolerance (#2399)
BUG: Insufficient virtual memory error when generating a Policy Tree with a very large number of attributes (#2386)
BUG: Internal error 1 while estimating probabilities in “auto” mode (#2404)
BUG: Crash editing categories when the portfolio has an invalid model (#2407) (Portfolio)
BUG: Branches not redrawn when deleting a get/pay by pressing the delete key (#2412)
BUG: Switching tabs while entering node data in series/array mode results in lost edit (#2413)
BUG: Crash adding portfolio attributes when the workspace contains old model level attributes (#2415)
BUG: Perform and continue doesn’t respect conditioning (#2419)
BUG: Driver links not shown in Link Events dialog when the referenced cell contains a formula (#2409) CHG: Width of risk profile histogram bars changes with window size (#2378)
ENH: Expand subtree command in Policy Tree works regardless of selection (#2381)
ENH: UI improvements for inserting attributes at the start of a numbered list (#2406)
ENH: Warn at compile time if a linked event is left out of the decision tree (#2417)

Most of you will be able to update automatically by answering yes to the prompt when you start DPL. Downloading and installing the update should only take a few minutes. Contact support if you have any questions. Please keep your DPL installation current for best performance.

You can explicitly download the DPL update from our Product Updates page.