DPL 8.00.10 update is available

The DPL maintenance update 8.00.10 is now available for download. It includes the following:

CHG: Better install errors in DPL Direct (#1879)
BUG: Updating a tornado can crash if certain objects are selected (#1887)
BUG: Crash in initial decision alternatives productivity ratio chart with zero differences BUG: Objective function label not display on risk profile chart (#1852)
ENH: Allow an event to appear more than once on a tree path and halt (#1851)

Most of you will be able to update automatically by answering yes to the prompt when you start DPL. Downloading and installing the update should only take a few minutes. Contact support if you have any questions. Please keep your DPL installation current for best performance.

You can explicitly download the DPL update from our Product Updates page.