DPL 8.00.08 update is available

The DPL maintenance update 8.00.08 is now available for download. This update includes several enhancements and bug fixes, including these:

ENH: New buttons on the DPL tab in the Excel side interface for examples list and quick start guide (#1814)
BUG: Attributes with similar prefixes may be erroneously renumbered in objective dialog (#1805)
BUG: Find may skip some strings with whole word option on (#1807)
ENH: Weibull distribution now available for continuous Monte Carlo simulation (#1809)
BUG: Display of endpoint database may result in outputs being cleared (#1769)
BUG: Fixed issues with option value charts in continuous Monte Carlo models (#1786)
BUG: Crash copying certain nodes more than once (#1812)
ENH: Ability to export attribute percentiles (#1818) (Portfolio version)
BUG: File save can fail with certain Monte Carlo Policy Trees (#1820)
ENH: Multiple experts dialog convenience improvements (#1798)
BUG: Value correlations give unhelpful error with non-numeric data (#1755)
BUG: Erroneous modal dialog behaviour in Excel side interface can lead to errors (#1828)

Most of you will be able to update automatically by answering yes to the prompt when you start DPL. Downloading and installing the update should only take a few minutes. Contact support if you have any questions. Please keep your DPL installation current for best performance.