Decisicoin -- The Blockchain Platform for Strategic Decision Making

Decisicoin Token(DCISN)

As part of our strategic alliance with the Decision Vexation Reduction Consortium – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) – we are pleased to announce the launch of the Decisicoin Token (DCISN).

For years decision professionals have struggled with the same old problems: risk-averse gatekeepers, untraded confounding objectives, and subject matter experts (SMEs) reluctant to reveal their true state of knowledge. But far from being fundamental to decision-making, these challenges stem from the flawed governance models of highly centralized decision review boards.

The Decisicoin platform makes it possible to move all of the critical elements of a complex, real world decision problem onto the blockchain, with all the benefits of transparency, immutability and trustlessness inherent in that environment. Each step in the decision analysis process, from framing to execution, each line item in the value model, even each probability assessment – all of these are right on the blockchain for all to see and to be preserved in perpetuity. From the consultant’s bar bill to ten figures of CAPEX, it’s all there. Those cumbersome, frictionful stakeholder check-ins are a thing of the past; the decision executes itself with digital determinism. Is that allocation of resources really irrevocable? It is if it’s written into a smart contract!

DCISN Token Key Facts:

  • DCISN is the utility token for the Decisicoin Platform
  • Finite token supply: 105090 units
  • Traded on Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA)
  • The protocol incentivizes high decision quality and sustainable resource allocation
  • The platform connects key players in the decision analysis marketplace, including decision makers, subject matter experts, consultants, inspirational speakers, caterers and therapists
  • DCISN incentives include attenuated good outcome probabilities, more monotone utility functions and extra drink tickets at select INFORMS conferences

Decisicoin Token (DCISN)

It’s time to open your noncustodial wallet and join the Decisicoin revolution. Automated, trustless, fully decentralized decision making is within our reach!