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Syncopation Software has been developing and supporting the most robust set of Decision Tree-based, Decision Analytic software solutions on the market today since 2003. Our software has been trusted by top organizations worldwide to maximize the value of critical business decisions and leverage risk. Syncopation's software tools offer a uniquely scalable, graphical Influence Diagram and Decision Tree modeling interface within which users can efficiently model an unlimited number of uncertain variables. By applying DPL\DPMX to their decision-problems, analysts and decision makers can structure alternatives and weigh a full range of possible outcomes in order to choose the strategic path that best achieves current business objectives.

Based on deep academic research and tested in countless real-world scenarios for more than twenty years, DPL Analytics has provided experts and novices alike with a mathematically-sound, scientifically-proven approach to decision making and risk analysis that combines powerful analytics with an intuitive, graphical interface. More recently these analytics and modeling interface have been taken to the cloud and paired with enterprise-grade data management tools, culminating in the DPMX System -- a robust solution for prioritizing complex portfolios. Leading organizations looking to leverage risk and uncertainty entrust their most important decisions to the unmatched power of DPL Analytics to maximize the success of their most critical projects.

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