DPL 9 Portfolio

DPL 9 Portfolio

The class-leading decision analytic system for allocating investments across a portfolio

DPL 9 PORTFOLIO builds on the intuitive decision analysis foundation of DPL Enterprise and adds portfolio analysis capabilities so you can move seamlessly from single project analysis to the allocation of resources and management of risk across an entire portfolio of projects.


Move seamlessly from project analysis to portfolio analysis!

Evaluating early-stage R&D and new product development opportunities requires powerful tools with the flexibility and transparency to help you and your team make the right decision with confidence. DPL Portfolio offers robust set of analytical tools via a simple, intuitive environment.

Key features include:
  • Intuitive, graphical desktop application
  • Flexible modeling environment that lets you describe the project in your terms
  • Insightful outputs, presentation-ready outputs
  • Readily available results: update all reports and charts with a single click as the portfolio evolves;
  • Open system that easily integrates with Excel for financial calculations
DPL Portfolio presents key information and insights to your portfolio of projects via clear, concise graphical outputs that can help you to:
  • Weigh your projects against a variety of metrics
  • Identify high risk/high reward projects and “sure bets”
  • Define "success" appropriate for your environment
  • Calculate custom metrics in order to better understand the make-up of your portfolio;
  • Rank projects by "bang for the buck"
  • Select which projects to fund for any budget level
  • View projected free cash flow generated by the portfolio
  • Identify "revenue gaps"
  • Visualize how each project contributes value and risk to the portfolio as a whole
Based on the intuitive modeling environment of DPL Professional, users will find following modeling features:
  • Intuitive graphical interface to develop decision tree/influence diagram model templates
  • All the flexibility and capabilities of DPL Professional
  • Ability to develop cash flow models in Excel for use in portfolio analysis
  • DPL's powerful and proven analytic engine for fast computation
  • Re-use of project templates for similar projects in your portfolio
  • Support for custom spreadsheets for projects with unusual cash-flow modeling needs
  • Ease of incorporating one-of-a-kind decision models

Rapid, Hassle-free Implementation

Putting DPL Portfolio to work in your organization is easier than you think. Our Portfolio implementation methodology has been tested at many leading organizations and is proven to be fast and headache-free<

Hit the Ground Running

Have an immediate need? No problem, DPL Portfolio can be used right out of the box with data residing in ordinary Excel files stored on a server and the quick installation software running on client workstations.

Database Powered

For organizations requiring more data management, DPL Portfolio can be integrated with popular database packages. Database-powered implementations allow you to automate data updates, control access to sensitive data and maintain the version history of your portfolio.

Highly Customizable

Custom reports along with modifications to calculations, templates, and portfolio metrics are a simple business activity done via a straightforward desktop application -- no coding required! The software is open, light-weight and transparent -- there is no black box.

For two decades, R&D management professionals at top organizations have chosen DPL Professional for project evaluation. Why should you demand anything less from your portfolio analysis tool? Contact us today to request a live software demo!