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DPL 9 Enterprise

Decision Tree in DPL Enterprise Software
The flexible, extensible platform for decision support systems
DPL 9 ENTERPRISE contains all the features of DPL Professional plus key features to develop custom decision support systems. DPL Enterprise supports database links so you can ensure quality and consistency across projects and an API to control DPL from other programs -- so common tasks can happen at the press of a button. This version also supports advanced modeling features such as multiple objective functions and Excel Macros.
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DPL Enterprise offers all the features of the DPL Professional version plus the following:

Database links

Do you have a corporate repository for project data, cost data, or other key data inputs? Use database links to populate your DPL models so you always have the latest numbers.

Excel macros from DPL

Easily run Excel macros when a spreadsheet is recalculated for certain value models.

Automation API

Automate DPL via an application programming interface in order to embed it in a decision system with a custom interface.

Risk Profile Reduction

Projects are often interrelated. The outcome of one project may have an impact on another but modeling all the detail of the initial project in the analysis of the subsequent project isn't feasible. Use Risk Profile Reduction to reduce a complete distribution of an uncertain outcome to an uncertainty with a few discrete outcomes for use in another model while preserving the rigor of the complete model.

Multiple Expert Aggregation

Easily aggregate the critical opinions and assessments of multiple experts in a mathematically sound way.

DPL User Function Libraries

Extend the functionality of DPL by creating a Windows DLL with functions to be called from your DPL models. A DPL DLL can also serve as a way to interface DPL with other programs, such as software packages performing detailed economic calculations for specific industry verticals.

Multiple Objective Functions

Who's making that decision? Optimize multiple objective functions simultaneously within a single model to get a handle on the actions of partners and adversaries.

Parallel Endpoint Recording

Divide and conquer by running a large model on several different machines at once.

Allow Event Already Active

Need to model a decision-problem in which it's most convenient to encounter the same event more than once on a path in the tree? (example: sequential oil well drilling decisions) Models these types of problems with ease by enabling the new "Allow even already active and halt with penalty value" feature.

Estimate Probabilities from External Data

Estimate probabilities and discover conditional relationships to predict the target event so you can swiftly move from data analytics to decision analytics.