Life Sciences Example #3

A Medical Device Regulatory Vigilance Example

  • Deterministic Modeling
  • Value-wise Conditioning
  • Deterministic Sensitivity Analyses
  • Local Modeling
  • Introducing Uncertainty
  • Asymmetry
  • Minimization

Overview: Pharma Medical Device Vigilance Case
Model: Defib.da
Further Reading: Medical Devices and Their Regulatory Pathways

DPL Influence Diagram for Medical Device Regulatory Vigilance

Regulatory bodies have the responsibility of managing the long and winding pathway to the approval (or disapproval) of a medical device. Devices that prove most invasive must pass through a rigourous process to ensure the benefits to health of a particular population outweigh the risks -- an analytic process that must be consistent as it is transparent. DPL's flexible modeling interface allows a regulatory analyst the ability to make informed decisions based on minimizing negative medical outcomes -- just easily as the financial analyst seeking to make decisions that maximize profits.