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Life Sciences Example #3

  • Deterministic Modeling
  • Value-wise Conditioning
  • Deterministic Sensitivity Analyses
  • Local Modeling
  • Introducing Uncertainty
  • Asymmetry
  • Minimization

DPL Influence Diagram for Medical Device Regulatory Vigilance

Regulatory bodies have the responsibility of managing the long and winding pathway to the approval (or disapproval) of a medical device. Devices that prove most invasive must pass through a rigourous process to ensure the benefits to health of a particular population outweigh the risks -- an analytic process that must be consistent as it is transparent. DPL's flexible modeling interface allows a regulatory analyst the ability to make informed decisions based on minimizing negative medical outcomes -- just easily as the financial analyst seeking to make decisions that maximize profits.

Further Reading: Overview of Medical Devices and Their Regulatory Pathways

Use the following link to download the DPL model:

Model: Medical Device Regulatory Vigilance - Defib.da