Kromite - Partner


Jack Kloeber, Principal
New Jersey, USA

Example of work:
Indication Sequencing for a New Molecular Entity with Multiple Potential Indications

KROMITE was founded in 2003 to provide independent and unbiased support for tough decisions in the life science industry. KROMITE'S team of 14 analysts possess unparalleled expertise in decision analysis and analytics. From years of working for biotech, medical device, agricultural, and pharma companies, their consultants command intimate knowledge of the terminologies, organizational roles and responsibilities, product development processes, common deal term structures, and organizational decision making processes which allow you to rely on their team as a partner and external expert.


Jack Kloeber is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel with experience in R&D portfolio management, decision analysis, modeling and simulation, technology selection, and strategy development. Jack taught mathematics at West Point and graduate level decision analysis, systems simulation, and technology selection at the Air Force Institute of Technology. His work has supported decisions for various superfund sites within the Department of Energy, and many technology organizations within the Departments of Army, Air Force, and Navy. Jack was the head of Portfolio Management for Bristol-Myers Squibb, and more recently, head of Portfolio Management for J&J Pharma Services where he coordinated the portfolio management efforts across multiple R&D and marketing operating companies. Jack was a Senior Partner at KROMITE for 5 years and is now Principal.