The DPMX System

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Deploy a Robust R&D Portfolio System in just 4 weeks!

DPMX is a unique portfolio analysis system that is agile, open, and intuitive.
Its implementation is bounded in terms of time and money.

4 Week DPMX Project Workflow

Less Time, Less Money, More Value

Do you think implementing a portfolio system means a small army at your site churning up hours in a labor hungry process of endless design and review meetings? At Syncopation, we say that doesn't have to be so. We're happy to meet you on your own terms. If you have a project valuation model that works for you but need the benefits of a portfolio system, we can get you there without the cost, delay and headaches of a major consulting engagement.

It's a simple process that starts with you providing our experts with a proper* project valuation model. We'll templatize the model through a quick, efficient process that incorporates your feedback and our know-how. The resulting template is a real Excel spreadsheet: you can open it in Excel, look at the formulas, enter data, and see how the results change. Feel free to verify our claim by taking a close look at an example DPMX Excel template model:

DPMX Excel Template

*a la the Goldilocks principle a model that isn't too simple or too complex is best for the DPMX Challenge. If no such model exists for you, we can start with our standard stage gate-based template.

Tidy & Familiar: "Managed" Spreadsheets

Traditionally, portfolio management has involved a trade off between ad-hoc approaches that are open and flexible but messy and systems that are reliable but closed and difficult to change. The DPMX System steps around this trade off by using Excel for cash flow calculations and project inputs but not for data management.

Users work in a familiar environment (Excel) and the actual project data is stored via DPMX in a secure, centralized database. All data is timestamped, revision-tracked and linked to the user who changed it. For more on our Managed Spreadsheet approach, see our DPMX Product Video:

DPMX Product Video

Let's Talk Money

Just how bounded is the cost of this system? A monthly subscription fee of $5,000/month provides you and your team access to the DPMX System. In addition, there is a one-time template fee of $15,000 due at the completion of the DPMX Challenge four week workflow. The template fee is for a single project template that is based on an existing valuation model of reasonable size (remember Goldilocks) and includes 3 rounds of edits within a 4 week time frame (see the DPMX project workflow).

Intranet Portal

DPMX can either be cloud-hosted or on-premise -- your choice! The DPMX Web Portal serves as the hub of the portfolio system -- streamlining the portfolio review process by providing a central access point for updating project inputs, accessing on-demand graphical and numeric reports and setting system configurations.

Centralized Database

A secure, centralized database stores input data for all projects. The database provides multi-user access with tracking of changes and retention of historical versions, enhancing transparency and eliminating confusion and inaccuracies. Define levels of read and/or write user access to project inputs or analytic results at the level you choose.

No Coding Required

Custom report generation along with modifications to calculations, templates, user access and portfolio metrics are a simple business activity done via the DPMX Portal or a straightforward desktop application -- no coding required! The system is open and transparent -- there is no cryptic black box.

... Class-leading decision analytics ...
... Convenience and openness of Excel ...
... Robustness and security of a database-powered intranet system ...
That's The DPMX System.

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