DPL Professional Web Training Session 2

Session 2: Asymmetric & Multi-period Decision Models

Take a deeper dive into DPL's rich decision modeling environment and analysis features

This session builds on the skills covered in Session 1: Model Building and Basic Outputs. It provides further instruction on how to build out a DPL Excel-linked model, from the introduction of asymmetry, to the addition of downstream decision and to addition of downstream decisions and the inclusion of multiple get/pays for pay-as-you-go cash flow modeling. Slide material is presented by the session leader and examples are performed by attendees. The focus is on teaching you how to make the most of the rich modeling environment, extensive analysis features and processing power of DPL.


Three hours

$295 USD per participant

Who Should Sign-up
This session is for those who have taken the DPL Pro Web Training Session 1: Model Building and Basic Outputs and are looking to cover all of the basics. Participants will be introduced to additional modeling features and outputs of DPL.

Required Prerequisites
Participants should have completed DPL Pro Web Training Session 1: Model Building and Basic Outputs, and so, are familiar with building models, conducting analyses and interpreting results in DPL.

Typical Session Topics include (depending on training pace):

  • Saving and Using the Endpoint Database
  • Introduction to Asymmetric, Multi-stage Decision Modeling
  • Adding a Downstream Decision
  • Introduction to Multiple Attributes