DPL Professional Web Training Session 1

Session 1: Model Building and Basic Outputs

Gain basic DPL modeling skills and review fundamental outputs

This web training session provides the foundation for building models in the DPL Professional software. It uses an Excel-based financial model as the example case from which a DPL model is built and analyzed. The session involves presentation of slide materials by the session leader and worked examples done by the attendees. The focus is on teaching you how to develop DPL models from spreadsheets and generate the fundamental DPL outputs of a probabilistic analysis.


Session Duration
Three hours

$595 USD for the first participant/session | $295 USD for each subsequent

Who Should Sign-up
This session is intended for those who wish to use DPL to build and analyze decision analysis models and/or risk analysis models and who have little or no experience with DPL.

Suggested Prerequisites
Familiarity with decision analysis or risk analysis is helpful. No DPL experience is required but participants should be familiar with Microsoft Excel and Windows.

Typical Topics covered in Session 1 include (depending on pace of training):

  • Developing Excel-linked DPL Decision Models
  • Conducting Deterministic Sensitivity Analyses
  • Incorporating Uncertainty into the Decision Model (Probabilistic Modeling)
  • Generating and Understanding Basic Outputs of a Decision Analysis (Policy Tree, Risk Profile, VOI)