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DPL Papers and Presentations

See examples of hour DPL has been used to creatively solve challenging, real-world decision problems within a variety of verticals.

Real Options

Brandão, L., Dyer, J., Hahn, W. (2005). Using Binomial Decision Trees to Solve Real-Option Valuation Problems. Decision Analysis. 2. 69-88.

Brandão, L. & Dyer, J. (2005). Decision Analysis and Real Options: A Discrete Time Approach to Real Option Valuation. Annals OR. 135. 21-39.

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Guj, P. (2016). A practical methodology to optimise marginal mineral deposits using switching real options. Ore Geology Reviews. 78. 336-345.

» PDF Available upon request.

Foo, N. (2016). The optimisation investment rule in determining mining investment projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Conference Paper: Western Economic Association International

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Defense and Security

Parnell, G., Smith, C., & Moxley, F. (2010). Intelligent adversary risk analysis: A bioterrorism risk management model. Risk Analysis, 30(1), 32-48.

» DAAG 2009 Presentation

Butler, J., Cronin, P., Dyer, J., Edmunds, T., Ward, R. (2013). Decision Analysis Methods For the Analysis of Nuclear Terrorism Threats with Imperfect Information (No. LLNL-TR-635767). Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA.

Greeson, David. International Space Station Program Office, Vehicles Effectiveness & Trades, Analysis & Integration Team (November 14, 1995). Using DPL for ISS Trade Studies.

Kleinmuntz, D. & Willis, H. (2009) Risk-Based Allocation of Resources to Counter Terrorism. (2009) Research Project Summaries. Paper 37.

Fault Tree

Dillon-Merrill, R., Bier V., Borener S., Robinson, M., Mitchell, K., Balakrishna, P., Hepler, A., Best, A. (2014). Quantifying Risk in Commercial Aviation with Fault Trees and Event Sequence Diagrams. Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management PSAM 12, June 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Silvianita, S., Khamidi, M., & Kurian, V. (2013). Decision Making for Safety Assessment of Mobile Mooring System. Jurnal Teknologi. 61. .10.11113/jt.v61.1767.

Khamidi, M., Sambodho, K., Syahroni, N., Mulyadi, Y., & Zikra, M. (2016). Investigation of Risk Based Decision Making for Mobile Mooring System. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 836. 233-238.


Shropshire, D. & Chandler, S. (Dec 2005). Financing Strategies for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facility(INL/EXT--05-01021). United States

Soundararajan, K., & Han, E. (2014) Probabilistic Analysis of Marine Fuels in Emission Controlled Areas. Energy Procedia. 61. 735 – 738.

» Presentated at the International Conference of Applied Energy, Taipee, 2004

French, S., Rios, J., Stewart, T. (2011). Decision analysis and scenario thinking for nuclear sustainability. Manchester Business School.

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Huntington, H. (2008) The Oil Security Problem. International Handbook on the Economics of Energy.

As of October 2016:

» An Updated Assessment of Oil Market Disruption Risks

» Presented at the DAAG Conference 2017


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Covaliu, Z. (2001). A Fair Isaac White Paper.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Morales J., Li X., Irony T., Ibrahim N., Moynahan M., Cavanaugh Jr., K. (2013) Decision Analysis of Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filter in Patients without Pulmonary Embolism. Journal of Vascular Surgery. 1(4):376-84. doi: 10.1016/j.jvsv.2013.04.005. Epub 2013 Jul 4.

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