DPL Fault Tree Trial

Request a Free Trial of DPL 9 Fault Tree

DPL 9 Fault Tree combines the ability to build and analyze fault trees with DPL's class-leading decision tree analytics. Submit the form below to request a FREE 21-day trial license of DPL 9 Fault Tree.

Please verify that your email address is correct; information needed to activate the trial license will be sent to it from sales@syncopation.com.

Key Features include all of the power and features of DPL 9 Professional, plus:

  • Fault Tree modeling constructs, including:
    • AND gates
    • OR gates
    • NOT gates
    • Probability value nodes
    • Dependent events
  • Module embedding (in other fault trees or decision models)
  • Partial derivatives
  • Sensitivity analysis based on partial derivatives and maximum impact
  • Minimal cut sets
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Time series fractiles