Decision Processes - Partner

Decision Processes, Inc.

Harry Saunders,
Founder & Managing Director
Newbury Park, California, USA

Decision Processes, Inc. are a group of seasoned, senior level practitioners with many years of experience internationally in strategy consulting, decision training, decision facilitation, and coaching and decision software development. Dr. Harry Saunders is the Managing Director of Decision Processes Incorporated. In this capacity he has helped institute the Decision and Risk Analysis Training Program at a number of leading corporations. Prior to co-founding Decision Processes Incorporated, Dr. Saunders was a partner in its predecessor company, Decision and Risk Analysis, Inc. Before that, Dr. Saunders was a Senior Associate at Strategic Decisions Group, where he facilitated strategy projects for several corporations and created a probabilistic forecasting system. Previously, he was Manager of Strategy at Tosco Corporation, then the largest U.S. independent oil refiner.

Whether you are formulating a company strategy or deciding on a new product; contemplating a large acquisition or deciding whether to attend tomorrow’s meeting; wanting to fix your own decision making or re-vamping the company’s business strategy, Decision Processes, Inc. can help.