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Crisp Ideas

Grim Gjønnes
+47 934 01 002
Oslo, Norway

Example of Work: Crisp Idea's DPL Case Study

Crisp Ideas AS is an Oslo-based strategic advisory firm in the areas of strategy, business development, sales, and funding for early-phase technology companies with aggressive global ambitions. Founded in 2004, it has three key practice areas today: management consulting, quantitative analysis (including decision analysis), and digital channels. Grim Gjønnes is the General Manager of Crisp Ideas. Grim holds a Dr. Ing. degree from NTNU, Trondheim, and a M.Sc. degree in Management from Sloan School of Management, MIT, Boston. Prior to forming Crisp Ideas, he worked with a number of premier consulting firms, including Navita Consulting (energy and commodity trading; later Brady Energy) and McKinsey (management consulting), and held a number of management positions with top-tier technology companies, including Microsoft, Trolltech (later Nokia, later Digia), and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. He worked also for 8 years as research scientist with leading research institutions in Norway and Canada in the area of artificial intelligence.