Celebrate Pi Day by Computing Pi in DPL

If you have school-age children, you are probably well aware that Saturday is international Pi day. Yes, 3/14/15 bears a passing resemblance to 3.14159265... Now, the skeptics among you will note how weak this resemblance is:

  • M/DD/YY is only one of many ways of writing dates (personally, I prefer YYMMDD).
  • The calendar is arbitrary in any case.
  • Base 10 is arbitrary.

Marketer's take on Uses for DPL (Semi-serious)

To start, bravo to Chris Dalton on his entertaining exposé of Unusual uses for DPL (non-serious). I'm sure you had to dig deep for some of those gems.

I welcome an injection of humor into my workday in the form of odd uses of DPL in the Trial feedback form, especially considering the fact that I skim every single demo download feedback from that lands in our inbox here at Syncopation Software.

Unusual uses for DPL (non-serious)

When prospective users download a trial version of DPL from this website, we ask that they fill in a box with a short comment (sometimes as little as a word) on what they plan to do with DPL. Most of the uses described are straightforward and factual: "risk analysis", "valuation", "evaluate strategic alternatives", etc. However, some creative people feel the need to enter a "use" that is unusual, funny and/or obscene. While we value the serious responses, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some of the smart aleck ones.
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