Calling All Big DPL Fans: See us in Houston at INFORMS Annual Meeting!

No really... we've got an excess of stylish, FREE size XL DPL shirts to give away. (Sorry, all the smalls, mediums and larges are long gone.) But seriously, DPL fans big, small, and in between should stop by Booth #13 at INFORMS Annual Meeting in Houston early next week:


INFORMS Annual Meeting, Here we Come!

Show us some Love in Philly

In just 10 days we’ll be descending upon Philly, the City of Brotherly Love, to exhibit at what will be our 13th consecutive INFORMS Annual Meeting. In keeping with the spirit of the host city's motto, I’m setting forth some ways you can show Syncopation some “conference love” at this year’s INFORMS:

Stop by Booth #1 and say hello


Top 10 Highlights & Bottom 10 Lowlights from the INFORMS 2014 Annual Meeting

We're back from the INFORMS 2014 Annual Meeting, and it was a doozy. If you were not able to attend, we've taken the sting out of that by giving you the high- and low-lights from the event.


1. Our well attended official DPMX software demo, and the on-demand demos requested in the booth. We're jazzed about DPMX and love talking about it.


INFORMS annual meeting day zero: Decision Analysis celebrates its 50th birthday

Decision Analysis has reached a certain age. As with most ideas, decision analysis came about over a period of time, but the official methodological dating committee has deemed Ron Howard's 1964 paper, "Decision Analysis: Applied Decision Theory" to be the day the stork arrived. To celebrate, DAS and SDP organized a pre-informs session featuring talks, drinks and dinner, held the day before the start of the INFORMS annual meeting (call it INFORMS day zero).

DPL Software in the Latest Decision Analysis Software Survey

October is a lively time of year at Syncopation Software. As the leaves start dropping at our home base in New England, business tends to pick up. In addition to our code monkeys (i.e., everyone but myself) diligently plugging away on DPL, our preparations for exhibiting at the INFORMS Annual Meeting are in full swing, while a multitude of inquiries from the many students prompted by their professors to download our free DPL trial license are also being dealt with.


5 Ways to Celebrate the 50th Birthday of Decision Analysis!

Get your party hats out folks. Fifty years ago our DA forefathers, Howard Raiffa and Ron Howard, independently established the field of decision analysis as it is practiced today in thousands of companies and universities across the globe. For those of you who aren't in the know, Decision Analysis, put simply, is a formal method for making decisions.

INFORMS Business Analytics Conference Wrap-Up: A Booth-Only Perspective

As the Marketing Coordinator (i.e., not programmer, analyst, consultant, etc.) at Syncopation Software, I'm the first to admit that I'm an amateur when it comes to business analytics and operations research. I've never taken a course relating to anything to do with business, advanced mathematics, decision science, operations research, etc. I've got a B.A.


The Ramsey Medal and the Decision Analysis "Duck Test"

The Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS awards the Frank P. Ramsey Medal each year. "The Ramsey" is the highest honor given by the DAS, and receiving it is a sign of a superlative Decision Analysis career. In Minneapolis this past October, the award was given to Peter P. Wakker.

2014 INFORMS annual meeting recap

We're back from the analytical pow-wow that is the INFORMS annual meeting. As usual, we reconnected with old friends and colleagues, listened to talks stimulating and sedating, and handed out some schwag from our booth in the exhibit hall. Speaking of schwag, our stainless steel water bottles were very well received, and some visitors even said they were the best handouts at the show.



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