Building a Parametric Excel Spreadsheet (from scratch) for Easy Scenario Analysis

So, what is a parametric spreadsheet?

Valid question. In comparison to a static/base case/deterministic spreadsheet, a parametric spreadsheet is set up in such a way that key parameters and assumptions can be changed without invalidating the underlying calculations. So if you've found that your project is delayed by a year or that CAPEX is higher than anticipated -- you can incorporate these changes into your spreadsheet without breaking everything and instantly see how they affect value.

Q&A about 32- and 64-bit DPL/Excel/Windows

While we normally try to avoid dry technical topics in this blog, the time has come to say a few words about 32- and 64-bit applications, in the hopes of addressing any confusion you may have registered. In this post, I'll answer some key FAQ's and provide a few pointers to other sources of useful information.

Q. Do I really need to know about this?

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