Risk/Reward Bubble Charts - More than just a Pretty Output

Risk/Reward Bubble Chart in DPMX

When it comes to project and portfolio management analytic outputs, bubble charts are by far the most charming. Colorful and playful, they are reminiscent of a jar of gumballs. But they're really more than just an pretty chart to throw in your PowerPoint or dashboard for a splash of color. When it's critical to find the mix of projects that will add the most value to your R&D portfolio its imperative you have a strong grasp on the risk/reward balance -- which is just what this chart type can provide.

DPMX: Answering the Where, How Much, and How To of Resource Allocation

DPMX Report - Productivity Ratio Chart

"…the problem with resource allocation isn’t ignorance of its importance—83 percent of executives we polled named it as the most critical management lever for spurring growth." - McKinsey (Where, how much, and how: Answering the hardest questions of resource allocation)

And yet, McKinsey and Company go on to point out that a third of organizations included in a survey reallocate just 1% of capital from year to year. Whether you're talking about money, talent, or time these precious, finite resources tend to be handled by management teams with far too much safeguarding and rigidity -- leaving them in the dust of those who pursue a more deliberately dynamic resource allocation strategy.

Want to Simplify your ERP/PPM Tools and Processes? Try DPMX!

Deploying a fully integrated PPM System within your organization doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or painful! Embed Syncopation Software's DPMX System into your resource planning processes and start reaping the benefits a straightforward, cost-efficient portfolio analytic system backed by rigorous decision analytics and robust data management tools can bring to your team and portfolio.

DPMX, Excel and the database: How to have your cake and eat it too

Q. Should your portfolio system be spreadsheet-based and open or database-powered and robust?
A. Yes! DPMX Flexibility and Robustness

In an earlier post I introduced DPMX, and said a few words about the importance of data management and the value of transparent modelling environments like Excel and DPL. Here I'm returning to the topic to drill down on the subject of spreadsheets and databases, which are close friends in our milieu.


DPMX -- What it is and why we're excited about it

DPL Portfolio System with DPL, DPMX, Excel

In recent months we at Syncopation have been hard at work on a set of tools we call DPMX, short for DPL Portfolio Management eXtentions. DPMX is a key piece of the puzzle for organizations that want to do portfolio analysis/prioritization based on decision analysis principles and don't want to get lost in a labrynth of email, spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks.

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