About Syncopation

Innovators in Decision & Risk Analytic Software

Syncopation Software's Office - Downtown Bangor, Maine

Since 2003 Syncopation has developed and supported custom and off-the-shelf decision software tools that help companies enhance decision quality and the value of their investments.

DPL is a powerful yet easy-to-use graphical decision tree software for single project analysis that is employed by leading organizations to more effectively account for uncertainty, find opportunity in risk, and generate alternatives and options so the best, most informed decision can be made.

DPMX is a web-based system for portfolio analysis and prioritization that incorporates DPL's powerful decision engine along with robust data management tools. DPMX is the solution for organizations that want to do portfolio analysis based on proven decision analysis principles -- and don't want to get lost in a labyrinth of emails, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint decks.

Syncopation has office locations within the historic Eastern Trust building in downtown Bangor, Maine (right) and in Concord, Massachusetts.

Our customers include some of the top players in energy, pharma & biotech, electric power & utilities, and management consulting. Our academic DPL software is used by educators at prestigious universities around the globe. The map below indicates the location of Syncopation Software's loyal customer base -- which literally spans the globe: