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About Syncopation

A Leader in Decision and Risk Analytics

For nearly twenty years, DPL has helped companies increase the value of their investments by more effectively accounting for uncertainty, finding opportunities in risk, and generating alternatives and options through a powerful yet easy-to-use graphical decision tree platform.

Syncopation Software Team

DPL Decision Analysis software from Syncopation is used by leading organizations to analyze risk and visualize the outcomes of real-world problems so they can make informed decisions.

With thousands of DPL users throughout the world, Syncopation's customers include the top oil & gas and global pharmaceutical companies, as well as hundreds of users at prominent consulting firms and prestigious universities. The leader in decision analytics, Syncopation provides flexible, responsive support and training programs to meet the needs of every user.

Syncopation is located on the third floor of the historic Eastern Trust building in downtown Bangor, Maine.