R&D Portfolio Management meets Decision Analytics

An innovative web-based portfolio analysis & prioritization system backed by proven decision analytics

DPMX is the solution for organizations that want a project and portfolio management software that is based in solid, proven decision analytics and backed by enterprise-level data management tools -- effectively stamping out the labyrinth of email, conflicting spreadsheet revisions and "which are the latest results" debacles so teams can focus on what matters most -- creating portfolio value!

A DPMX Project Template in Excel
Managed Excel Inputs

Project managers and subject matter experts provide project-specific inputs to the system via an Excel spreadsheet -- a familiar, learn-nothing-new valuation environment. Not only does the spreadsheet furnish a familiar environment for data elicitation, it also provides real time feedback of project valuation metrics, increasing ownership and reducing errors. The Excel spreadsheet contains all of the data necessary to evaluate the project including the complete implementation of the valuation model. Virtually anything that can be modeled in an Excel spreadsheet can be built into the valuation model.

Download and take a closer look at an example DPMX Excel Template:

DPMX Excel Template
A Secure, Centralized Database

A centralized database stores input data for all projects in the portfolio. When a user checks out a project from the system for editing DPMX populates the Excel spreadsheet with project data stored in a secure, centralized database. Once the user completes inputting data changes, s/he checks the Excel spreadsheet back into DPMX. DPMX uploads the data to the central portfolio database.

The database provides multi-user access with tracking of changes and retention of historical versions, eliminating the confusion that can occur with simultaneous edits. You define levels of read and/or write user access to project inputs at the project, business unit or portfolio level. Define levels of access to analytical results with the same granularity. For more on this see our Imperfect Information Blog Post:

DPMX, Excel and the Database

DPMX's Secure, Centralized Database
The DPMX Portal

The DPMX Portal is an intranet portal that serves as the hub of the portfolio analysis system. It streamlines the portfolio review process via a central access point for everything from the check-out/check-in of projects, the presentation of results and system configurations. DPMX re-evaluates the portfolio on a schedule that you determine: hourly, twice daily, daily, etc.

The central database stores portfolio analysis results for on-demand access to a complete suite of graphical and numeric reports that allow you to visualize portfolio balance and rank projects based on capital efficiency. Further, users can add custom reports and charts that provide insights to metrics important to their organization. Insightful graphical outputs include:

A list of DPMX Projects

Productivity Ratio
Rank projects based on a ration of expected benefits over expected resource requirements

A DPMX  Productivity Ratio Chart

Risk Profile for a Single Project
Gain a deeper understanding of the degree of riskiness of a project by viewing the complete distribution of value

A DPMX Risk Profile Chart

Project Value Range
See the full range (10th, 50th, 90th percentile) of value for each project in the portfolio

A DPMX Project Value Range Chart

Efficiently visualize high risk/high reward projects and "sure bets"

A DPMX Risk/Reward Bubble Chart
Robust DPL Analytics

DPL Portfolio, the class-leading decision analytic portfolio platform, serves as the analytic engine for the system. It defines the portfolio-wide metrics used to evaluate projects in the portfolio and calculates overall portfolio level results. In addition to expected metrics, the probability of success of each project is calculated based on the underlying uncertainties in the valuation models. The riskiness of a project is an OUTPUT of the system not a back-of-the-envelope guesstimation that you enter into the system. The system aggregates project level results to provide metrics for the overall portfolio. In addition to expected/probabilistic results, DPL Portfolio calculates base case or given success results for each project.

Historically, DPL Portfolio has served as a desktop analytical engine integrated into a broader portfolio decision support system. Syncopation extended the desktop application into a server-based solution to better serve clients with the most demanding needs -- lots of users, projects, and complexity. Now, DPMX brings it all together by fitting DPL Portfolio, Excel spreadsheet valuation, a centralized portal and all the other data management tools one needs together into a single solution. DPMX ships with a customizable valuation model so you can quickly whip up an enterprise-grade, database-powered, intranet-accessed portfolio analysis system.

Intuitive Template Models

DPMX represents the portfolio of projects via standardized template models. A template model consists of:

A flexible, intuitive decision tree describing the timing and structure of decisions and uncertainties common to the projects represented by the template model DPMX Decision Tree Model Template
An Excel cash flow spreadsheet which provides the valuation model for the projects. DPMX Excel Spreadsheet Template

A portfolio in DPMX can contain multiple template models depending upon the nature of the portfolio being evaluated. But note that not every project has to fit a mold; there is unlimited customization for critical and/or one-of-a-kind projects. Custom models for projects requiring extra attention can be incorporated into the system.

The DPMX System uses Excel spreadsheets that have been automatically converted into DPL native code to provide huge performance boosts when analyzing the portfolio while also maintaining the ability for users of the system to work in the familiar Excel environment when providing inputs.

Class-leading DPL Decision Tree Analytics

Convenient & Flexible Excel Spreadsheets

Robust & Secure Database Powered Intranet System

The DPMX System

DPMX is the cloud-based, rapid-implementation portfolio analytic system for agile and effective resource allocation

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